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Many instances in our life are such that we need to ‘relax’ our mind and body.  How many times does your doctor say that you need to overcome your

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stress, relax your mind and body?  Sleeping oils, depression pills, etc all this have become a routine and thus people resort to yoga sessions at a yoga retreats. These sessions help them overcome these mental problems as well strengthen their mind and body. The benefits of this exercise are such that the practitioners become an addict of this exercise and thus can never give up the same. If you still wonder that why are people addicted to this exercise, the next few paragraphs will answer your question and am sure will make you an addict as well.

Yoga has its roots almost 400 years back. Many saints, yogis and gurus have been teaching this art to and passing it on to different generations. Many generations have been benefiting from this art. This is different from the regular gym work  out because  it does not just aim at developing muscles or biceps rather it aims at strengthening your physique, your muscles and immune system. It not leads to forming biceps but makes you strong and if you are overweight it helps you to lose weight.

The poses of yoga helps you stretch your body muscles makes your body flexible. It helps in making you ready for your daily busy schedule. It helps you get rid of strains and body aches, joint pains and all sorts of health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, acidity, joint pains, etc. All these health problems for which you have been spending thousands of rupees. This form of exercise can help you save all these hefty amounts and stay healthy. If your body is healthy you will be active at your work and in your life.

The meditation part of yoga will help you relax your mind. Your mind and brain is pressurized all day with loads of thoughts, problems, and work pressure. It needs to be relaxed to simulate the brain cell building process. The brain cells get tired and need to be rejuvenated and relaxed. Meditations and chants used in meditation create a positive aura around you. It calms and spreads positivity in the entire environment. This calm and positive energy in the environment around you will help your mind relax from the stress it takes the entire day.

The mix of poses and meditation make it a perfect way of relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and body. Yoga practiced in any form or style fulfils the ultimate aim of refreshing and relaxing you.

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