The Old Hollywood-Inspired, Period-Authentic Costumes in ‘Rebecca’ Feel Exceptionally Modern

Warning: Mild spoilers for ‘Rebecca’ below.

Like the source material, the Netflix adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier novel “Rebecca” takes place around 1938. But the unnamed protagonist, played by Lily James, looks like she walked out of a Fall 2020 country-chic, #cottagecore fashion editorial. Of course, the mystery thriller hidden in a romance has proven to be a timeless story that’s continuously adapted for stage and screen (including Alfred Hitchcock’s Oscar-winning 1940 film).

“I wanted to make sure a modern audience could understand these clothes, rather than be pushed away from them,” explains costume designer, Julian Day, on a call. “Even though it’s period correct, it was the idea that anyone literally could go out now and buy Lily’s outfit — or Armie’s outfit.”

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