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Before going any further, I’ll like to say that if you really think a green tea weight loss plan or just drinking gallons of other weight loss teas will help

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you lose weight, you will end up being disappointed. Don’t be deceived, there’s no magic wand to losing weight outside combining a healthy diet and regular exercise with safe supplements such as weight loss teas. Having cleared that out of the way, yes, it’s possible to successfully shed those excess pounds with a green tea weight loss plan—if you do it right. Same thing goes for other weight loss teas.

Green Tea Weight Loss: How it Works

Green tea and a number of other weight loss teas originated from Japan and China. Green tea is particularly more effective than black tea because of its more potent antioxidant content—polyphenol. Green tea weight loss plans work by increasing the rate of fat oxidation in the body and also enhancing insulin tolerance and sensitivity. These effects lead to an improved metabolism, leading to the desired weight loss. Other weight loss teas also cause increased calorie burning, increased fat oxidation and improved digestion also leading to weight loss.

Using Green Tea Weight Loss Plans

There are different types of green teas on the market but regardless of the one you use, you must combine it effectively with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This means that your diet must include foods that are rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes, unsaturated fat, nuts, whole grains and it must also be low on sugars. Regular exercise doesn’t mean killing yourself; even simple activities like strolling, walking fast, swimming, cycling and jogging for 30 minutes in a day will greatly help you.

The recommended green tea weight loss plans are those that contain little caffeine and that are also USDA approved. Some of the good quality green tea weight loss plans include those incorporating Dragon Well, Sencha and Bancha green teas.

Using other Weight Loss Teas

Weight loss teas (slimming teas) can generally be divided into organic and inorganic teas and you should go with the organic brands because these have been grown without using synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides and are generally safer. Recommended slimming teas include Cho Yung Tea and the Tava Tea, brands that contain the potent oolong tea.

Get information on the best weight loss teas and how to successfully use green tea weight loss plans.

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