How Nicole Chapoteau Pivoted From Architecture to the Top of the ‘Vanity Fair’ Fashion Department

In our long-running series “How I’m Making It,” we talk to people making a living in the fashion and beauty industries about how they broke in and found success.

Nicole Chapoteau loves a good reference. The more cinematic, the better. Her mood boards are typically filled with film stills (past references include John Hughes and Wes Anderson movies) and other pop-culture references, imagining a shoot as a retelling of one of her favorite scenes. 

Fittingly, the brands and designers that resonate with the longtime magazine editor tend to be those that peddle some form of fantasy, be it through the clothes themselves or through the world they create at their shows. The Miu Mius, the Pradas and the Marc Jacobs of the world — the ones that make you think: “Wouldn’t it be fun to be that person for a few days?” she says, on a Zoom call in September.

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